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Müller & Naegelin Architekten BSA AtelierGemeinschaft - Neubau Pflegeheim Marthastift, Basel, Switzerland

Today’s newsletter is dedicated to Neubau Pflegeheim Marthastift, a nursing home located in the outskirts of Basel. Product of a competition, the project designed by Hanspeter Müller and Roland Naegelin it is a both serious and elegant response to a challenging architectural program: a care center for dementia and psycho-geriatric diseases. Combining elements of public and residential buildings, the complex features low-rise volumes, lush gardens and elevated courtyards. Outdoor areas create an intimate own landscape, while indoor spaces produce a warm atmosphere, thanks to a carefully selection of materials, colors and lighting.
newsletter 2019 #04




Today’s newsletter features a new project in Bolivia designed by Sommet Arquitectura y Construcción. Located in the suburbs of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Casa Pomarino occupies on a corner plot of a gated community. As opposed to a most common arrangement, this extrovert “L” shaped house exposes its exterior areas, which includes the swimming pool. Thanks to the natural slope of the plot the construction sits on the top of the hill. This position enhances the open views on the ground floor, while allows the existence of a basement with the garage and service areas. Concrete walls and floor to ceiling glass windows define the language of the project.


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Sol Camacho - Pavilhão de verão da Casa de Vidro, São Paulo SP, Brazil

Today’s newsletter features a temporary pavilion at Lina Bo Bardi’s Casa de Vidro (Glass House). Created to sit at Instituto Bardi’s garden for the summer, architect Sol Camacho proposed a wooden construction, made of Cross Laminated Timber and black steel columns.In contrast to the abstraction of the modern house, the pavilion features an organic design, looking for the integration of the structure in the lush vegetation. While the pavilion will house concerts and talks, inside the house the exhibition Ainda assim me levanto by Sonia Gomes can be visited until the end of February.
newsletter 2019 #02


newsletter 2019 #02


Today’s newsletter features TB House. Only reached by boat, this hidden treasure is a weekend house designed by Thiago Bernardes (head of Bernardes Arquitetura) for himself and is located in a paradisiac place near Paraty RJ. Using a former fisherman’s house as a starting point, Bernardes added two new prefabricated volumes. The 150 square meter main corp, with the living room and kitchen, was built in only 15 days, with the idea of minimizing the impact on the local forest.
newsletter 2019 #01


newsletter 2019 #01

Burle Marx - Arte, Paisagem e Botânica Exhibition at Mube, São Paulo SP, Brazil

Held at the Museu Brasileiro da Escultura e Ecologia (Mendes da Rocha´s MuBE) and curated by Cauê Alves, Arte, Paisagem e Botânica exhibition shows around 70 works by landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. From the title (Art, Landscape and Botany) the visitor can expect a variety of products and means, from paintings to tapestry. And of course photography has its place. In collaboration with Michelle Jean the Castro, Leonardo Finotti contributes with a collection of images that illustrates a dialogue between his and Burle Marx vision. Arranged as tiles, combining three different dimensions, the group of photographs show both aerial and ground shots.
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