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She said goodbye to me.


He said he did not do it.

Nobody's seen us.

This one belongs to him.

How many times do I have to tell you this?

Japanese manga and anime are popular around the world.

I went to a haunted house.

Rayan apparently isn't so sure of that.

Had she been a friend of mine, I would have advised her not to do that.

The degree of humor is the same.

We're horrible.

Your car has a broken taillight.

The storm didn't cause any damage.

You told her that you had finished the work three days before.

There's only room for one.

It won't get anywhere.


Didn't you see her at dinner?


Are you sure there's no other way to do this?

Yes, I thought so.

Here's looking at you, kid.

Maybe we'll meet him in the street.

She had huge mood swings.

Red alert!

Nobody called me.

They were all good swimmers.

Three species of rhinoceros are critically endangered.

I'll show it to you.

They're stealing your car!


Sylvan never saw Joon after that.

The traffic is bumper-to-bumper during rush hour.

Alain wants to go shopping with Jimmy.

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My father's job is interesting.

How did you wind up doing this kind of work?

I don't know what is that "visual memory" about.


There were a lot of people on the beach.


Miles didn't tell me he couldn't speak French.

But for your steady support, my mission would have resulted in failure.

I hope that's everything.


It's your turn to vacuum the house.


Reinhard is a small-town boy who made good.

I hope I haven't woken you up.

Does she still want to take part in the party?


We have a bigger problem than we thought.


Piercarlo stared dejectedly out the window.

I think I'll get some rest.

I bought a few eggs and a little milk.


Don't yell at me.

Betsy is probably in the kitchen.

He doesn't even know my name.

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If we don't hurry, we'll miss our train.


Santa didn't feel he could do what Clarissa was asking him to do.

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The hope of his return encouraged me.

There was no hurry.

His ideas are always practical.

I'll be sure to let her know.

Sarah and Steve agreed to work together.

You have the right to have a lawyer present.

I'll be back in three minutes.

They're out of their minds.

Am I going to need stitches?

There used to be a bridge between two river banks.

I want to learn guitar.

Don't make promises that you don't intend to keep.

Professor Kibishii prohibited pupils from buying that kind of book.

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You should know it in order to protect yourself.

Edmund started screaming for help.

I lost my watch yesterday.

Linder is quite aggressive, isn't he?

Without your help, I would fail.


He knew the story already.


I think it's going to rain.


You don't want to see this, do you?


Don't listen to that man.

You'll soon get used to it.

I have no time to deal with you.

Does your wig make you deaf?

Please tell me where I should change trains.

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Do you like French wines?

Malus is leading Alejandro astray.

What high school did you go to?


I don't want to forget it.

He caught twenty butterflies.

It's the capital above all that makes the mores of people; it's Paris that makes the French.

You need to get a new perspective.

I didn't help her escape.

Very beautiful. Thank you very much!

Where is a halal restaurant?


I don't know what I'm going to do.


You're a fast worker.

What is the first thing you would do?

Christophe will tell me everything eventually.

They eat.

He remained faithful to the last.

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Let's talk over the plan after school.


Kentaro is staying with his friend in Kyoto.


Tony lives in Kobe.


Be sure to complete the work before you go home.

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Mahmoud bought presents for his family on his trip and was slugged with excess baggage costs on the return flight.

But I want a car.

Don't love using words or language, but love by actions and truth.

Hit the brakes, darling. We should test our feelings. We don't know each other well enough, I'm not used to anticipate the events.

Entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity.

We were all set to leave when the phone rang.

She shall serve tea.

I feel below par.

They are not talking.

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One eyewitness is better than ten earwitnesses.


The game has been postponed.


They saw one once.


Indra felt like going out for a walk.


Starbuck couldn't make himself heard in the noisy club.

I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable.

He objected to our plan.

She doesn't love her husband.

He will often sit and look at the sea for hours.

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At the end of the year, Pascal sends holiday cards to his relatives.

She will never make it.

The person my boss has a grudge against is me.

For the time being, I must share this room with my friend.

We're getting fat.

Sandeep told me to load my pistol.

She forgave him for killing her father.

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The problem is I don't know where my umbrella is.

No, it wasn't him.

I am definitely getting the least enjoyment out of my book.

If it rains, bring the washing in.

Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.


Tell them something came up.

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They're out to get you.

I'm stressed out due to their incompetence.

It's exciting.

Bjorne says he hasn't been sleeping well.

What's your favorite movie this year?

Juergen seems to think that he's invincible.

I wish I had enough money to buy a house like that.

Just then the two in question arrived at school.

I thought there was somebody in the room.

I haven't quite made up my mind.

Could you make it a little shorter for me?

I'm so sorry I ask you for help at such short notice, but I didn't realize this project would be so demanding.

The message has been encoded.


That's no way to speak to your parents.


It's my last offer.

Are you sure you really want to be here?

People waited for buses.


What do you need that for?

He was entirely free of his worry.

Anna was sad when his country's team was eliminated from the tournament.

I gave him the best answer in English to his question that I could.

Earning a post-secondary degree or credential is a prerequisite for 21st century jobs, and one that everyone should be able to afford.


She has a fair complexion.


Ixtli has a lovely face.

His assistant examined the pile of papers over and over again.

You look bored.

I stepped aside so that he could come in.

This is entirely your fault.