The worst kind of hangover is emotional hangover.

That's what I'm assuming.

It pains me to disagree with your opinion.

I'm not leaving with you.

Israel went to the hospital.

There's a south wind blowing.

These books can be borrowed from the library for one week.

He announced his engagement to her.

Isn't that an amazing coincidence?

She blew out all the candles on the birthday cake.


Can I sleep on your couch?


It is difficult to translate a poem into another language.

Don't lose heart.

Each of us is like the moon: there is a dark side of us that we do not let others see.

As long as you're able to in the end then it's all good.

The sun comes and goes.

I was disappointed because you weren't at home.

She's off the grid, and European authorities want her arrested.


He's not disciplined enough.


Is there a restaurant in the hotel?

As soon as you start misbehaving, Father Christmas will not come to see you.

Listen to Ruth.

The meeting continued late into the night.

She can drive a car.

How long have you been living in Italy?

A bird has wings.

The street behind my house is too narrow for delivery trucks.

I cannot confirm this.

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Dan made plans.

Let's assume that I do believe you.

Take this brochure.


Gerard is praying.

I've been saying that for years.

I make it a rule to take a walk early in the morning.

You were lucky to be at the right place at the right time.

Please take them with you.


Think first!

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I told them I couldn't do it.


I used to work in a restaurant when I was in college.

I sent one.

The weather here is getting cold and I really do not like that.

Duane whistled a tune as he walked down the street.

The player attacked the referee.


I cannot help laughing at your folly.

Whichever way you may take, you can get to the station in about ten minutes.

How about if the three of us go out for dinner tonight?


He finished last but one.

We know what we can and can't do.

I want to see you again.


Tait fell asleep halfway through the movie.

Ric lived in this building.

I got here a little early.

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I hate my parents.

I always try to eat healthy food.

What color do you think she likes?


Face the consequence of your actions.

May I leave my belongings on the bus?

Marsh didn't let me answer Rajiv's questions.

Reinhard wants that apple so much he can hardly stand it.

Corey helped Brad with her homework.

Don't bullshit me!

Just a moment. I haven't made up my mind.

Kylo asked me what I had bought.

Leith loves doing this.

Tahsin slipped something in Gregge's drink.

It's not backwards.


Has Barbara been injured?

We can count on him for financial help.

I am sure you have met Leon.

Cliff is on the swim team.

I did some checking to find out why Joubert spent time in prison.

Sandra usually gets to school earlier than any other student in his class.

I met Seth on the way.


Where did he see action?

How many home runs has Billie hit?

Jeany rarely gets angry.

I'm glad to know you.

I am swimming in the river.

We can help.

I don't want to go to the dentist.

If Uri finds out I told you this, he'll be very angry.

His illness caused her great misery.


I had to protect them.

No one is listening to us.

Should cannabis be legal?

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Vickie wondered if Ed really loved him.

What do you mean you don't know?!

He named his son Robert after his own father.

Little Loyd locked himself in the bathroom and couldn't open the door.

Monty sewed her own wedding dress.

I'm never going to Boston.

How are you finding the party?

How did you manage to do this?

Angus went out to buy kerosene for his stove.

I admit this isn't an unambiguous answer.

The boy I thought was honest deceived me.

Do you have what we need?

Now there are charms and talismans for your pet that you can have blessed.

It's hard for me to accept what you are telling me.

What color is this cat?

How sad the first thing I noticed was your cute shirt!

Millions of people, thousands of buildings, I walk through that maze, maze of concrete, concrete and iron, asphalt and glass.

They are weaving a carpet.

Do you think that would really help?

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They must not go up the stairs.

Floyd lacks confidence in himself.

Her daughter ran away with a young author.

Emily was sober.

You shouldn't have done such a thing.

We all knelt down to pray.

Let me at least buy you a drink.

By overcoming scarcity, most of the crimes and even the prisons of today's society would no longer be necessary.

Hedge funds are bailing on Apple.


Where is Oscar now? Do you know?

Can I make you a proposal?

You never let me do anything.

I fired her.

We learn by writing.


Clarence got in his pick-up truck and drove off.

Pleasure to meet you, Doctor.

He bought me a drink.

It was creepy.

I dare not go to such a dangerous place.


Blayne, I'm amazed. I would never have thought that you were such a good cook.

I couldn't have predicted this happening.

He's a crybaby, just like always.

There's no point in dwelling on details.

We have to take steps to prevent air pollution.

Sonny Miller worked through his experiences in childhood and youth in his three-part autobiographical novel "Timo and Michelle", which is also his main work.

I am looking forward to visiting your school.

How about I do that?

I think I'm used to the pain.


When it comes to animals, this can't be considered as being something cruel.

I don't miss home at all.

My kitchen help has the intelligence of a spatula.

I'll be busy all afternoon.

How would you react?


I must have misunderstood.

Where's your medication?

They want to increase food production by growing new kinds of rice.

The plane was lost sight of in the clouds.

Cathryn reported his car stolen.

I advertised my car for sale.

It's not polite to stare.

Jos, we must not stop here for too long. The sun will set and I think we're very far from the river.

What do you do on Fridays?

Charley has never been invited to parties.

Suddenly, he changed the subject.

The room was light enough for him to read the letter.

They lived in Spain for several years.


Going home last night, I saw her again.


Why didn't you ever tell us?


She doesn't like being alone, but I prefer it like that.

I want to work with Jef.

Sofoklis rushed to help Leith.

Many working mothers struggle to balance their home and work lives.

Trey did a good thing.

Life is not all fun and games.

He cannot have said such an unreasonable thing.

I didn't want you involved in this.

I like to visit cemeteries. Is that normal?

A census was performed in 2005.

People gathered at the Hakaniemi Market on Walpurgis Night to listen to speeches and prepare for the May Day train.

By the age of sixteen, she had received a scholarship to attend Stanford University.

Isn't it incredible?

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He married my cousin.

Suu isn't afraid of anybody.

I must have made him sad when I told him that his French professor had died.

That's my concern.

This table is fine except in one respect - it will not fit into my room.

Plastic has a temper.

I call out in a loud voice but there is no reply.