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It was a harrowing experience.

Can you please do my hair?

Martyn and Kristian know what happened.

We're doing this for the money.

I sure rubbed your nose in shit.


Worries are like ghosts - those who aren't afraid of them can't suffer at their hands.

Could you send me more details by email?

Jeffrey doesn't like it, either.


She is materialistic and superficial.

I prefer something better.

My grandfather is planning to retire the year after next.


I've already written my part of the report.

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I'm sure she has other skills.

Who thinks so?

The company issued a press release.


He owns a yellow sports car.


June splashed cold water on his face.


If you'll just tell me what you want, I'll try to get it for you.

The whole system is distorted.

Maybe you should call Sergio.

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Not every lamp is magic.

The teacher fell asleep in class and started snoring loudly.

Is there anybody else I can ask?

You can go home.

I need a change of scenery.


You must take off your hats in the presence of ladies.


I'll take this to them.

She watched the children going back to school.

They divided the money among themselves.

Soon after graduating from trade school, Ray Murphy was taken on as a machinist at the local automobile plant.

The key words are defined in the book's glossary.

Did you tell Rusty how good the movie was?

Take off your clothes!

I don't think it's necessary.

The Paraguayan scored three goals.

In order to put into application the case of treating Japanese, Masato Hagiwara all by himself wrote an additional chapter 12 for Japan that is not in the original book.

What do you do when you get writer's block while writing a script?

They wouldn't refund my ticket.

I'm going to put my name on it.

Hank's next crime will be his last.

Remind me to never do that again.

This is the camera he took the picture with.

I don't remember my father anymore.

Are you familiar with the new song yet?

Eugene is the tallest boy in his class.

You're not going to get to first base if you do it that way.

I saw it on the news.

It'll be dry.

I have a website.


We'll find a way to do it.

She jumped in a cab and went home.

I have a problem dealing with authority.


I'm going to the office.

For this job, I need someone experienced and preferably attractive.

He sat down on the bed.


Knudsen didn't have a good day.

It's not far from here to there.

Even your mother doesn't know who your father is.

My mother often said that time is money.

We couldn't row against the strong current.

He never goes against his parents.

I did speak, but no one listened to me.

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I was hoping Jon would say that.

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I learn new things every day.

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Actually, I'm currently unemployed.


What kind of bread are you eating?

The islanders are being slaughtered for no apparent reason.

Each chapter in the textbook is followed by about a dozen comprehension questions.

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Have you brought your ID card with you?


I am afraid none of you are capable of doing the job. We will be taking our business elsewhere.

Who am I going to eat lunch with?

I'll talk to Mats alone.

I'll instruct you this once, and only this once; thus, you'd better be ready.

I heard that Keith and Herman want to talk to me.

He took advantage of every opportunity he had.

The purring cat rubbed up against Knute's leg.

The train is leaving the station.

Dorothy and Margot are still very busy.

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After several questions it turned out that Tracey's experience in French was rather limited, so Seenu switched to English.


Sure I'll come, but I might be a bit late.

The store was just off the street.

I forgot that Cristina read English.


I didn't even think about it.


The visitors to the island, as well as some locals, always think of poverty.


I've got to get some money somehow to repay the bank loan.

Oliver often plays guitar with Samir.

Kristin is thirsty, and so am I.


Radek bought something for Todd.

He admired her.

At the library.


The receptionist changed her tune.


The old man got in her way.


No time-wasters.

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I have to think about it.

I'll make you sandwiches!

This jacket fits pretty well.

Please don't make me do that.

Don't give Avery a reason to say no.


They're awfully nosy.

She implied that she would like to come with us.

Does Matthew know that you like him?

I took it for granted that you would attend the meeting.

We like the extreme cold of Alaska.

I go out sometimes for a beer.

Guy never told us much about himself.

I saw him on TV.

Christofer arrived ten minutes ago, but I haven't yet him seen.

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It was really dumb.


Solving this problem is simple.

I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.

Alfred was afraid of being laughed at.

It was about money.

I'm always happy.


What ever can that be?


It was very dark inside the room.


She was a gorgeous girl of 22.

Emil was upset when Trevor walked out on him.

They are fond of fruit.


The butter spreads easily.

Don't blame the mistake on her.

Barton was aware that the job would be difficult.

That's exactly what you need now.

It backfired on me despite my good intentions.

The right word for this does not come to me.

Snacking between meals is a bad habit.

Honey, I'm still busy.

It's a rather depressing thing.

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I need to get back to work.


She came running to him.

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Barsoom Garden is the biggest botanical garden on Mars.

What is good for you is good for me.

We were together about three years.


There was pink mold in that bathroom.

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The Red Cross gets help to disaster victims without delay.

Let's wait till we get to Boston.

What's James's problem with List?

I met them three summers ago.

It's bad for the heart.

Kolkka is three years ahead of Hillel at school.

He seems to have something on his mind.

We're going to help her.

You're supposed to come home straight after school. You know that.

Many transgender people experience gender dysphoria.

He is a man to be trusted.

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We were more than satisfied when the Romanian Government, even before its membership of the European Union, showed its readiness to accept this directive.


What makes you think I'm going to follow Surya?

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I was looking for Andy. You don't know where he is?

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A century ago, this was just a small farm town.

Ole sat on the fence.

The river which flows through Paris is the Seine.


He knew that life would never be the same again.


He wants to get married right away.