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Welcome to Miatrix.com!

We are a young usenet index site looking to grow to a small and manageable size with a dedicated community. The code for this site is our own Newznab fork.

Key features include:

Registration is currently OPEN
Just note that our plans are to only keep registration open for a limited time then we will go to invite only.

Site Issues....(Updated)

Thursday, Aug 10th, 2017- Staff

Routing issues at the host have been resolved. IP Address has been changed back to the old address

Wed, Aug 9th, 2017- Staff

Around 2pm last night our hosting provider started having issues with our IP address for our web site. They are still trying to resolve the issue, but for now i have assigned a new IP address to the site. This might cause linux users issues so make sure you flush your dns if you cannot reach the site via one of the automated tools.

Tuesday, Aug 8th, 2017- Staff

During a move of the servers to new computers, we had some issues that caused us more downtime than expected but we are be back to normal.

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