Protect Your Bike

Bike Mark makes stolen bikes harder to sell and easier to recover, by making it possible to find and contact stolen bike owners.

How Does Bike Mark Work?


Register on Bike Mark

Enter your bike’s details into the secure Bike Mark index: our database allows you to input information that is individual to your bike, to ensure maximum coverage.


Generate your unique QR code

For each bike that you register to your account, Bike Mark will generate a unique QR code that will be available for download. A tamper proof physical copy will be available for purchase.


Monitor your Bikes Activity

By using the Bike Checker Tool, anyone can scan a bike’s QR code, or manually input either frame or engine numbers, to check the status of the bike, to confirm whether the bike or parts are stolen.


Report Stolen Bikes

Update your account if your bike is stolen. When a prospective buyer scans your QR, or enters your bikes details, Bike Mark is alerted of the scan and records the exact location of your bike. Bike Mark can then notify the police of where the stolen bike is located, so it may be recovered and returned to you.

BikeMark - Stolen Bike Checker

Bike Checker

The Bike Checker Tool searches through every bike in our global index.

Using our Bike Checker Tool is free and easy; you don’t need to be a member, just follow the "Bike Checker Tool" link to scan or manually input a bike’s details to check its status. The Bike Checker Tool also lists any aftermarket parts fitted to the bike. If you are buying a bike, this is the best way to ensure that you are not purchasing stolen goods. The Bike Checker Tool uses your device location in order to pinpoint stolen bikes, so your GPS must be switched on. If you need help switching it on, follow our guidelines on Location Services.

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Why choose Bike Mark?

The Bike Mark index is the only system that enables a user’s bike to be located by other members of the public.

The Bike Checker Tool is available for anyone to use, from any location across the world. If your bike is registered with Bike Mark, and your details get entered into the Bike Checker Tool, Bike Mark is able to see a precise location of where the scan took place, which can then be passed on to the authorities so it can be recovered.

Bike Mark is the best security for your bike, and ensures its safety so you can have peace of mind.

Register Your Bike Here
Bike Mark - Control Panel

Using Bike Mark

Bike Mark is the up and coming way to help prevent bike theft. By storing bike information on our database, any time you check a bike, we track your location using GPS. Bike Mark stands for change.

Watch this video below to see how it works, and register your bike for free today.