I thought you were going to wear your new suit.

It looked like Revised was searching for something.

The street is empty.

Did you like your first class?

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He was endowed with great talents.

I tightened one.

When we go to a restaurant, I never order the same thing Gale does.

Maybe we should talk to Brender again.

It is illegal in the United States for law enforcement to use torture to get information.

Today, I am very tired.

Your French has improved considerably.


Advertisements for discounts and sales constantly arrive on Susanne's mobile phone.


It won't make any difference whichever you choose.


You've never coached before, have you?

This is very confusing.

We can do better than that.


I suggest that you apologize to Les.

The train will arrive here before long.

Luc saw the file.


He's a talented writer.


Doctors give us information about our health.

Africa has a lot of nature.

Joe pretended to be a homeless person.

Don't you love each other?

They're having a really good time.

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I worked for him.

It's just an exception.

She makes a point of going to church on Sundays.

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Sherman wished he had had the courage to jump into the river and save the baby that had fallen in.

I have been working here for ten years.

Happy is the man who is contented.

The market drop has cleaned me out.

Oscar looked for Jacobson everywhere.

I just can't seem to remember it.

I've got to find Greg.

I've lost the feeling in my legs.

He is kind at heart.


Did you get a sunburn? The tip of your nose is completely red.

The fresh strawberries went like hot cakes.

How would you like your steak cooked?

What time's the meeting?

Bud has terrible eyesight.

Have you seen that movie?

Someone tried to shoot us.

We don't really have anything to talk about.

She looks very elegant.

I've done well here.

I don't exterminate your rats.


She gave birth to a fine healthy baby.

Blake's pulse beat faster.

Please don't force me to go.

Kristi wouldn't take the matter seriously.

I ran into Yoko on the way to the theater.


This movie explores the possibilities.


The doctors told Raymond that Clayton was never going to recover.


I love you, Laurie.

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Ubuntu is a popular Linux distribution.


There are too many difficulties.


Thank you for showing me around Boston.

Deposed in a military coup in September 2006 and having effectively been in exile, the Former premier of Thailand Thaksin has returned after about a year and a half.

I've heard that you can kill werewolves by shooting them with silver bullets.

No matter what, you can't leave.

I don't recognize the sound.


Don't you want to know who I was with?

You don't look so happy.

That won't do us much good.

If only I knew his address.

My godfather gave me a watch as a gift.

Harris put on some music.

A year will pass before we see each other again.

The bartender walked over to where Kevin was sitting and asked him what he wanted to drink.

It is strange that she should go home so early.

That's the whole point.

This letter contains sensitive information that may offend some people.

I travel frequently.

Except for carrots, there is nothing he won't eat.

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I give you five minutes to solve this problem.


The final vowel of a noun or of the definite article can be left out and replaced by an apostrophe.

Do you think it helped?

They say he's the best tennis player.


I put on my cap to go out.

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People are judged by their skin colour.

The paper wasn't important.

He let her kiss him.

I'm happy to help in any way I can.

Don't bother him.

Being in a hurry, I forgot the money at home.

How do you know about them?

I think it's time for me to ask for his advice.

I am self-catering.


We need to buy a little time here.

Rich could use a little extra time to review for the upcoming test.

The refrigerator door is open.


Ruth is being considered for the job.

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They're coming.

The train was on time today.

I know the girl.

Let's sit down and discuss it calmly.

I didn't know exactly what to say.

I was glad to see them.

Who's Jayesh going to listen to?

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I'm sure I lost at least 3 kilos this week.

Which people will be here?

He was broken by the failure of his business.

You want to buy books.

I felt so sleepy that I could hardly keep my eyes open.


Mario's great-grandfather was the mayor of Boston.

His skin has the tone of a young man's.

Should anything happen in my absence, ask him for help.


What's it made of?

Be still.

It's ten o'clock sharp.

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Emily is Japanese.


I had no choice but to do that.

It becomes warmer day after day.

Typography is the discipline of using type to set texts into a form that is pleasant to read.

Geoffrey knew the answer.

I remember that vividly.

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What time is good for you?


These tomatoes don't have any taste.

I do a lot of stuff.

He's always been kind to me.

The teacher assented to our plan.

Jeff was faced with a difficult choice.

Daniel sometimes sings in French.

Arne knows that he doesn't know.


Integrative medicine refers to a many faceted medical approach that emphasises individual differences and aggressively includes the latest scientific techniques based on modern Western medicine as well as various other medical systems like traditional medicine and natural medicine.

Did Ahmed say why Cory isn't here today?

I don't like working out.

We've done enough waiting.

It is easy to add numbers using a calculator.

I go to cabarets two times a week, but I have no interest in after-hours.

Will you get me a ticket for the concert?

Are you trying to seduce me?

I don't want to be chosen.

The monastic life is no life for me.

I don't have any problem with that.


I must be losing my touch.

The train was delayed by snow.

Sandeep was laid off.

Measurements are different from individual to individual.

The two pieces were glued tightly together.

Difficult problems require imaginative solutions.

Welsh is a very difficult language for me.

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She played the piano with enthusiasm.

Some investigators deal with protocol violations by excluding the participants from the analysis.

I'm afraid of him.


His mobile has been stolen.

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Spass hasn't got the chance to poison the atmosphere or undermine the love between Novo and her new lover.


He talks about you all the time.

I'm getting tired of hearing you say that.

I know, too, that Islam has always been a part of America's story. The first nation to recognize my country was Morocco.


This happened every spring.

Our cat is very fond of seaweed.

I emailed Ofer and told him I'd be busy next week.

How does the front door-lock work?

We went by bus as far as London.

This person is your slave, right?

I owe it all to you.

We don't know.

Why did Rathnakumar call?